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When an earthling awakens in the middle of Revion Prime, where the greatest massacre of the galaxy has occurred, one should not expect him to go very far. Not if all the animal life of this place wants to shut his noisy heart up and finally go back to sleep above the corpses of endless nameless races that rot under the sky.

But who is this person? And why is he or she so far from home? The Earth is just a distant memory, there is no crew and the resources are nearing the end. Wouldn’t it be easier to hide and die in silence inside the shelter of the ship’s remains?

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The Story of Dolmen Part 1

The exact location is a mystery. The star maps were lost and after the Nikiderma invaded it, very little can be said about that planet. Its star is called Nynfeid. As neighbors, it has four gas giants. The corpses of its people were expelled from its atmosphere, so their mass decomposition wouldn’t alter the ecosystem. […]

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Alpha test at BGS 2017

Please provide us the informations below to become one of the first alpha testers of Dolmen at Brasil Game Show 2017.

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